Assess And Treat A Foot Issue

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Assess And Treat A Foot Issue

12 September 2019
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You rely upon your feet to get you where you need to go and if you don't own a car, suffering a foot injury can have dire consequences. How should you go about taking care of a foot injury and when should you seek professional assistance?

Assess Your Condition And Seek Relief

The manner in which you injured yourself will likely have a bearing on the extent of the discomfort that you are dealing with. If you accidentally twisted your foot while stepping down from a ladder or another platform, you may have sprained your ankle, toes, or the interior or exterior portion of your foot. Don't place weight on your foot because this will only cause additional strain, which may result in severe swelling.

Take it easy for a while and apply an ice pack to the portion of your foot that hurts. Wiggle your toes to determine if any of them are broken. If swelling has already occurred, you may have difficulty moving your toes for the time being. If your foot is stiff and painful and you are uncertain what has caused this condition, the problem may have stemmed from the amount of time that you are standing and walking or your footwear may be to blame.

Implement rest periods throughout each day and don't hesitate to hail a taxi, ride on a public bus, or accept a ride from one of your friends. You simply may have been overdoing it and need to give yourself a break on occasion.

If your footwear is to blame for the discomfort, you may have noticed marks along your toes or the sides of each foot. These marks are indicative of ill-fitting shoes or footwear that lacks cushioning and a supportive structure. Wear a looser pair of shoes or purchase some gel insoles to line a pair of shoes that possess a rather rigid design.

Make An Appointment With A Podiatrist

Do not take any chances with an internal injury or a severe puncture wound or bruise that doesn't heal on its own. If you lose feeling in one or both of your feet, or wince in pain whenever you try to stand up, you should reach out to a foot and ankle specialist.

One or more of your foot bones could be fractured or arthritis or another physical condition could be contributing to your pain. A podiatrist will diagnose your condition and will suggest foot aids that will relieve pain and allow you to move about during the healing process.

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