Thinking About Getting Botox For The First Time Before Your Wedding? Here Are 4 Tips You Need

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Thinking About Getting Botox For The First Time Before Your Wedding? Here Are 4 Tips You Need

8 June 2019
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As a bride, you naturally want to look fantastic on your upcoming day, so you're absolutely entitled to start a workout routine, lose some weight, get your hair done... and maybe have a few little Botox injections to smooth out some wrinkles.

If you've never had Botox injections before, here's some advice that might help ensure your wedding day goes off without any unexpected hitches:

1. Consider going for a trial run very early.

Most weddings take half a year or longer to plan, and that's great if you're thinking about doing botox. About six months away from your wedding is ideal to schedule your first Botox treatment because it takes about a week to start to see the effects of the treatment and two to see the final results. You can expect the results to last three or four months, which will give you enough time to get a second treatment well before your actual wedding date.

2. Start small and work your way up.

It's easier to start out with conservative treatment and add more than to go at the process full-throttle and regret it. Talk your options over with your dermatologist or provider and aim for a minimal amount of injections for your first visit. Then, schedule an appointment two weeks out to discuss improvements and see if you want to tweak any of the results with a few more injections.

3. Ask your provider for a natural look.

During your initial consultation, make it clear that you want to stay away from anything that will make you look artificial. Aim for Botox injections that enhance, not detract from your beauty. In particular, be cautious about injections around your mouth because they can alter your expressions significantly, which may not be what you want for your wedding day. 

4. Make sure your pre-wedding appointment is booked way in advance.

You don't want to get rushed and forget your next appointment. Botox injections do sometimes cause a little redness, soreness, and swelling, which is not something you want to see captured in your wedding photos! Nor do you want to deal with the issue during your bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner. Set a date about three weeks before your wedding to have your second visit and you'll have it timed just about perfectly.

Ultimately, a pre-run for your Botox injections should give you the experience and confidence you need to make decisions that will let the real you shine on your wedding day!