Reasons To See A Holistic Physician As Your Primary Care Doctor

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Reasons To See A Holistic Physician As Your Primary Care Doctor

29 April 2022
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Everyone should have a primary care doctor. However, there are many different types of primary care doctors to choose from. Some are internal medicine specialists, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases. Others are family practitioners, specializing in everyday care for people across life stages. And still others are holistic doctors, who take the approach of treating patients as whole individuals, rather than as a set of symptoms. No single type of doctor is right for everyone, but there are a lot of distinct advantages of seeing a holistic doctor as your primary care provider. Here are a few of them.

Holistic doctors take into account your mental, physical, and spiritual health.

The prevailing idea of health is that it is not just physical. There are also spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of health. Most doctors focus only on physical health. However, as they aim to treat the whole patient, holistic physicians usually take mental, emotional, and spiritual health into account as well. This can help ensure any ailments you're dealing with are treated in a more complete way. For example, if you visit your holistic doctor complaining that you are tired all of the time, they won't just take blood samples and look for a physical explanation. They'll also talk to you about any emotional struggles you've been having or any mental health struggles that might be contributing to your tiredness.

Holistic doctors tend to spend more time listening.

Have you ever felt rushed through your doctor's appointment? Primary care doctors are often pressured to fit a certain number of appointments into an hour, which can unfortunately make patients feel they don't have enough time to fully explain themselves and be listened to. This is less likely to happen with a holistic doctor. Since your emotions and feelings are important components they analyze, they generally spend more time listening to and seeking to understand their patients.

Holistic doctors are often willing to work with alternative medical practitioners.

These days, alternative medicine practices like acupuncture and chiropractic care are becoming more popular. Some western medical practitioners are not so well-versed in these therapies. However, holistic care practitioners tend to know more about these treatments and are more supportive of them. As such, a holistic doctor as your primary care provider may be better able to give you recommendations related to alternative care and alternative practitioners.

Holistic doctors can make great primary care providers. Consider the benefits above if you're considering one as your primary care physician. Contact a medical facility like Health Wellness Beauty to learn more.