Primary Care Providers Provide Preventative Care

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Primary Care Providers Provide Preventative Care

27 August 2021
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All adults should have a primary care provider, and it's for a good reason. Primary care doctors offer preventative care services that help you avoid serious illness and injury in the future.

If you are considering seeing a primary care provider for preventative healthcare, here are some of the services you might consider at this time.

Blood Pressure Screening

You may not realize it, but your blood pressure can tell the doctor a lot about you. It can alert the doctor to issues like hypertension that should be addressed to prevent issues like stroke. A screening can alert doctors to the need for additional testing.

Diabetes Screening

Diabetes screenings are performed in adults who exhibit the signs they may be at higher risk. Adults who are overweight are more likely to have diabetes, but additional testing can provide more information.

Diet Counseling

Nutritional counseling is an essential tool for many patients who want to see improvements in their lives. Diet counseling can prevent a variety of health issues, including high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease.

Cholesterol Screening

Getting your cholesterol tested is also important, as it may lend doctors some insight into the inner workings of your body. If your doctor notices high cholesterol, they may be able to prevent heart disease before it causes permanent damage.

Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing

If you have not been tested for STIs recently, you should be tested if you are sexually active. Your doctor may also provide counsel about these preventable conditions.


Immunizations are an important component of life for any adult. Even though adults do not need many shots, there are still a few they should consider on a regular schedule. For example, adults should get the flu shot and shots for pertussis and tetanus. They should also get the shot for HPV if they have not had it already.

Blood Tests

Blood tests are also a helpful diagnostic tool, and getting a regular blood test can show early signs of issues as serious as cancer. They spot early signs that your immune system may not be functioning so that more tests can provide an accurate diagnosis.

Make Your Appointment Today

The earlier you plan for preventative services, the better. If you want to make sure you have the optimal health possible, call a professional to schedule an appointment with direct primary care services. A provider can help you understand your health status and needs.