Body Pain And Nutrition: How Physical Therapy Can Help

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Body Pain And Nutrition: How Physical Therapy Can Help

12 May 2019
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If your body pain keeps you from enjoying full meals during the day, do something fast. Keeping your body well-nourished is one of the best ways to fight pain. If you're unable to sit down long enough to eat a full meal, your health could decline. Learn how good nutrition affects your pain and how physical therapy can help.

What Should You Know?

Nutrients, such as vitamin A, riboflavin, and magnesium, can help ease pain in your muscles and bones. Some types of nutrients even fight arthritis and other conditions that cause inflammation in the body, including anthocyanins and omega-3 fatty oils. However, intense body pain can make it very difficult to eat full meals during the day, which can make your pain and situation worse with time. 

If sitting down for meals is too stressful for you, try placing support cushions on the chair's seat and backrest. Not only will the cushions support your body better, but they can also prevent you from slouching over your meals when you eat. Slouching is one of the main causes of body pain. You can keep your pain at bay by placing your feet on a footrest or small stool. 

If you still can't sit long enough to eat all of your meals properly, consider physical therapy. 

What Should You Do Next?

One of the things physical therapy addresses is nutrition. Your body can't heal or fight pain if you don't provide it with the right fuel. Physical therapists can help you overcome the limitations you face at mealtime by teaching you how to strengthen and improve your body.

Physical therapists use a number of methods to strengthen and improve your body, including weight-training, biomechanics, and massage. Some therapists also use stretching exercises to improve their clients' health. If tension, injury, or inflammation caused your muscles to bunch up, the stretching exercises can help relax them.

Physical therapists may also work on your sitting posture, especially if you tend to slouch at the dinner table. If needed, you may need to wear an abdominal brace or another device to keep your body perfectly aligned.

In addition to physical treatment, therapists may make a few profound and beneficial changes to your current diet. Inflammatory ingredients, such as sugar and high-carbohydrates, may aggravate your body pain or hinder the success of your physical therapy treatment. You want to eliminate anything in your diet that slows down your progress.

If your body pain interferes with your ability to eat full meals or sit at the dinner table, contact a physical therapist.