Considerations For Putting A Humorous Inscription On A Loved One's Headstone

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Considerations For Putting A Humorous Inscription On A Loved One's Headstone

29 June 2018
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When you're selecting how the headstone of a loved one will look, it's common to choose an appropriate saying or quote that shows how you love the person and will miss him or her. Some family members, however, choose an inscription that is somewhat humorous. Doing so might not be very common, but this is still an approach that some people take — especially if they find that humor can help in difficult situations. There's often no problem with proceeding in this manner, but you should carefully consider the following things before you pick a humorous inscription.

Its Lasting Impact

The inscription that you choose for your loved one's headstone will remain indefinitely, so you want to be comfortable with how you proceed. Give some thought to whether or not the words that you're thinking about will have a lasting impact, and to what degree. You don't want to select an inscription that you and your family members find funny and appropriate right now, but that will get stale and perhaps even seem inappropriate in the years ahead. Generally, whatever sentiment you think to use should have considerable lasting power.

Overall Consensus

You have to remember that it's not only you who will be visiting the cemetery to pay tribute to your late loved one by sitting at this or her headstone. Other family members will also be doing so, as will friends, neighbors, and colleagues. As such, it's important for you to choose an inscription that you feel people will agree with. Obviously, you can't consult every people who may ever visit the headstone, but you should definitely share your idea with your immediate family members and even some distant family members who might appreciate being consulted. You should ideally get a consensus from everyone about the inscription before you move forward.

The Person's Likely Opinion

You can't consult the person who has passed away about the inscription you're considering, but you should give some thought as to how he or she might have felt about the words you're evaluating. You should only proceed with something humorous if you're 100 percent convinced that the person would have approved of the idea. This might be true if the person was always up for a joke and enjoyed making those around him or her smile. If you can feel confident about each of these considerations, you can move forward with the inscription in question.

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