Preparing For Your Final Prenatal Visit: Four Things To Consider

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Preparing For Your Final Prenatal Visit: Four Things To Consider

21 May 2018
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When it comes to your final prenatal visit, you may be filled with a range of emotions. You may be nervous about the impending delivery, and you might also have some new concerns about your condition you need to have answered. Preparing for this final prenatal visit can provide you with added comfort and peace of mind. It can also help you feel more comfortable with what will happen in the days following your appointment. Here are a few things to discuss with your OB doctor at this final appointment.

Discuss Your Current Symptoms

Your OB will need to know if you've had any changes in your current symptoms before you go into labor. For example, if you are having shortness of breath, severe back pain, or early contractions, your doctor may want to run additional tests to ensure your overall health leading up to the delivery. It's also a good idea to record any contractions you've been having in the days before your appointment, as this can give your doctor a better understanding of your pregnancy progression.

Ask About Next Steps

If you are planning to have a vaginal delivery, you'll want to discuss the next steps with your OB. You'll want to know what the plan is if you don't go into labor by your due date. Some doctors may prefer to schedule a C-section date just in case you do go past your delivery date, while others may have a target of how long to wait before inducing labor. Knowing what the plan is can help you better prepare for when your baby arrives.

Understand Who To Call

As you wait to go into labor, you'll need to know who to contact when you do begin to experience contractions or when your water breaks. This means knowing the phone number to call after hours, when to head to the hospital, and what to do if you have unexpected symptoms after hours. Your doctor may have an exclusive phone number for pregnant patients to call when they go into labor.

Prepare For A Longer Visit

Because this is hopefully your final visit before giving birth, your OB will want to take extra time to assess your condition and that of your baby. Your doctor will check the heart rate and signs of movement. He or she may also perform an ultrasound to check the baby's positioning and to determine if there are any potential issues that might interfere with a natural vaginal delivery.

Consider writing out a list of questions before you get to the doctor's office. This can help clear up any concerns you have and put you more at ease as you wait for your little one to make an entrance into the world.