When Is It Better To Try Pain Relief Gels Over Pills?

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When Is It Better To Try Pain Relief Gels Over Pills?

16 March 2018
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While OTC analgesics in pill form can be blessings, there are some instances where other products may be better. For instance, you could try an extra strength pain relief gel. These gels work in various ways. Some gels are counterirritants, meaning that they stimulate the nerves, creating a mild sensation that will distract you from your more intense pain. Others contain menthol for a cooling effect and capsicum for a warming sensation. Here are three situations where these gels are especially helpful.

1. When You Have Pre-Existing Conditions

While blood thinners, like Aspirin, can be great for people suffering heart issues, they can be bad for other conditions. For instance, if you often need to have overnight stays at the hospital or you get injured easily from low immunity, these pills could put you at risk for heavy bleeding. Do you have gastrointestinal problems? NSAIDs can be bad since they can irritate your stomach lining and cause ulcers. However, there are pain relief gels that can help you ease the pain of pre-existing conditions. Since the medication is absorbed through the dermis, your internal structures will be protected from the wear and tear of pills.

2. When You Are Sensitive to Medications

If you take numerous medications, it can be difficult to sort out drug interactions. Even though OTC pills are safe with many medications, numerous drugs can overwhelm your system. Topical gels are great because lower levels of the pain-relief drugs enter your body. Furthermore, these pain relief gels typically have a shorter time frame, so if you do have a bad interaction, there is minimal exposure to your bodily systems.

3. When you are Dealing with Muscle or Joint Pain

Are your aches and pains in superficial fascia or joints? Pain relief gels are fantastic for these areas. Do a quick Google search and you will find many studies that show the benefits of massage. Massaging sore muscles and joints can help you sleep better, increase your range of motion, and reduce your stiffness and pain. There are herbal-based pain relief gels that work hand and hand with massage. Not only will you relieve your pain with the gel, but by massaging it into your skin, you'll increase circulation.

Arthritis gels are also fantastic because they are made for areas close to the skin's surface, such as the joints in your hands. These kinds of gels have sodium channel blockers which numb superficial nerve endings. Some also contain salicylates which can help you decrease inflamed joint fluid.

As you can see, pills aren't your only option for pain relief. Gels can be very helpful and, sometimes, safer to use. Talk with your doctor for more ways of managing your pain. Contact a company like Nyloxin.com for more information and assistance.