3 Situations Where A Breast Augmentation Can Be Very Beneficial

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3 Situations Where A Breast Augmentation Can Be Very Beneficial

15 March 2018
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There are several reasons why women may not feel confident when it comes to their breasts. This isn't something that women should have to live with, especially when there are surgical procedures that can help give them breasts that make them feel confident and secure as a woman. A breast augmentation involves placing saline or silicone implants inside of the breast tissue to create breasts that are the size and shape that you desire. While breast implants are essentially for anyone who wants them, there are certain women who can really benefit from a breast augmentation. Here are three situations where breast augmentation can be very beneficial. 

Removal Of One Or More Breasts 

If you have had one or more of your breasts removed due to breast cancer, an accident, or some other reason, then a breast augmentation can help you to recreate your breast or breasts again. With the help of a plastic surgeon, you can create breasts that are not only symmetrical, but are also the size that you'd like. On top of this, you will even have a nipple created to go over the new breast, so that it looks as real as possible for you. 

Saggy Breasts After Nursing 

If you are like many moms out there, your breasts took quite a beating while you were nursing your children. This left you with breasts that looked deflated and saggy, and likely were more loose skin than anything. This can unfortunately take a toll on your confidence because you may not feel as comfortable in a bathing suit or fitted top. Thankfully, a breast augmentation cannot only place implants inside of your breasts to make them full again, but the tissue can also be lifted a bit to give you the look of perky breasts.

Small Breasts To Begin With 

If you waited for your breasts to come during your teenage years, and they never did, this can be very discouraging. You may have felt insecure when all of your friends were maturing because you felt like you had been gypped. Thankfully, a breast augmentation can help you to get the breasts that you envisioned you'd have when you hit puberty. You can choose from a large range of cup sizes and you have the opportunity to try them on and see what size you like best. 

If you have had one or both breasts removed, you have saggy and deflated breasts after nursing, or you have always had small breasts, then a breast augmentation may be a great way for you to get the breasts you desire. Speak with doctors at centers like the Renaissance Center For Facial & Body Sculpting to learn more.