Three Things That You Might Not Know Modern-Day Hearing Aids Can Do

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Three Things That You Might Not Know Modern-Day Hearing Aids Can Do

13 March 2018
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If you know that you probably should get hearing aids but you're feeling a little reluctant to do so for any reason, getting better acquainted with the many desirable features of today's models will likely push you over the edge. It's a good idea to make a no-obligation appointment with your local hearing specialist to learn about all of the features that hearing aids can offer — beyond the invaluable perk of improving your hearing, of course. Here are three things that you might not know that modern-day hearing aids can do for you.

Connect To Your TV

Some modern-day hearing aids are equipped with functionality that allows you to connect them wirelessly to your TV so that you can hear the TV's feed directly in your ears. This can be handy in a number of ways, especially after you've likely dealt with the challenge of having to play your TV at an elevated volume in order to hear it. Connecting your hearing aids to the TV can be useful if you wish to watch TV in bed while your spouse sleeps, for example. Or, if your spouse is on the phone and would otherwise need you to mute the TV, you won't miss any of your show.

Sync With Your Smartphone

Controlling your hearing aids with a smartphone app isn't the only way that these two devices can work well together. With an iPhone, you can commonly sync the mobile device to your hearing aids so that when you want to make or receive a phone call, you don't need to hold the phone to your ear. While you'll still need to hold the phone close enough to your mouth that its speaker picks up what you're saying, the convenience and clarity that you'll enjoy upon hearing the other person speaking directly through your hearing aids will give a new enjoyment to mobile phone calls.

Adjust Automatically Based On Your Surroundings

In the past, you'd often have to manually adjust your hearing aids in different environments, which could be bothersome and perhaps a bit embarrassing. Today's devices, however, can do the work for you by automatically altering their settings based on the environment that you're in. For example, a noisy pub and a quiet home environment present different hearing situations — in the former location, the hearing aids will "know" to reduce the background din; in the latter environment, this obviously won't be necessary.

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