How To Get Medical Help You Can Afford

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How To Get Medical Help You Can Afford

13 March 2018
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If you have medical conditions that have you going to the doctors frequently and taking a variety of medications, having tests done, going in for labs and undergoing other kinds of treatments or exams, then you want to make sure you do everything you can to keep your finances in control while you are taking care of yourself. This article will offer you tips and advice that you can use to bring down the costs of your medical care as much as you can, so you can deal with your health situations without it costing you a tremendous amount of money that can put you in financial ruins.

Join prescription savings plans

Along with your regular insurance, you can also try joining free prescription discount plans that can help with some of the medication you have to pay out of pocket for. Every little bit that you are able to save when it comes to your out of pocket medication expenses can end up helping you.

Shop around for better prices for medications

There are some places that offer you cheaper prices on medications and they can even offer you generic brands that have all of the same ingredients of the name brand medications. However, the fact that they have a generic label means you can end up paying much less for them. Walmart is one of the places that advertises medications for much less than many of their competitors.

Let your physician's office know upfront if you are paying cash

If you let your physician's office know you are going to be a cash paying patient when you call to make the appointment, there is a better chance that they will bill you as such, which would mean you may get a much better rate than if they assumed you were going to run an insurance card.

Work with a medical bill advocate

When your medical bills have spiraled out of control, you will want to turn to someone who can help you to get a handle on things and get as many of those bills lower as possible. You can turn to a medical bill advocate who will work with you and with the providers in order to try to get the bills down to a rate that you are going to be able to afford. They can even make it so you will be able to make payments on your medical bills, instead of needing to come up with large sums of money right away and in full.

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