3 Reasons To Avoid Opiate Withdrawal At Home

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3 Reasons To Avoid Opiate Withdrawal At Home

13 March 2018
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If you're addicted to opiates and are determined to get clean, you likely know that the withdrawal process can be difficult. Perhaps you've even attempted detox a few times in the past with limited results. For some people, the idea of getting clean in the comfort of home can be appealing. There are benefits to doing so, such as being in a familiar environment around those who care about you. However, where opiate withdrawal is concerned, this isn't something that you should face at home. Visiting a detox/treatment center and going through this challenge under medical supervision is your best bet. Here are some reasons to avoid withdrawal at home.

There Can Be Serious Medical Risks

Getting through opiate withdrawal will almost certainly make you feel ill, and you may throw up repeatedly. Although there's a risk of dehydration and its related problems if you're ill too many times and aren't getting proper hydration, there are many other serious medical risks that can even threaten your life. Seizures, for example, are common when you're withdrawing from opiates, and you need medical personnel around you to care for you during such a scenario. Some addicts even begin to struggle to breathe, so medical professionals who can administer oxygen are necessary.

You'll Be Tempted To Use

One of the reasons that opiates are so hard to kick is because the withdrawal process is so difficult. As you begin to feel sick, you know that you'll feel better almost immediately if you were to use again. In your own environment, you may be tempted to call your dealer or go out in search of more drugs — and, soon enough, you'll be using again and farther away from getting clean. You may indeed be tempted to use when you're going through withdrawal at a detox/treatment center, but doing so will be much harder.

Family Members Won't Know What To Do

When you're going through opiate withdrawal, you need more than just medical professionals to care for you. Therapists can also be highly valuable for encouraging you through this difficult time. They understand what you're facing, and their kind words and support can be a true asset. At home, your family members lack the expertise to be alongside you during opiate withdrawal. Even if they want to help you, they probably don't know the right things to say or how to support you during this process.

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