3 Benefits Of Using A Compounding Pharmacy

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3 Benefits Of Using A Compounding Pharmacy

13 March 2018
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Individuals who have never worked with a compounding pharmacy may be pleasantly surprised by the number of compounds and medications that these pharmacists have access to. Often, they can solve medical issues that are difficult for other types of providers to work with, simply because of the ways that they can mix medications into lotions, chewable forms, and liquids. If the issue has anything to do with the way the medication is absorbed, the pharmacist can likely assist you. These professionals can help in the following ways

Assistance with Pain Management

Some individuals who go through severe pain, whether it is chronic or acute, may find that they are unable to keep pain medications down long enough for their digestive systems to process them. This means that pain medication that must be absorbed through the stomach may be less effective, making it difficult to manage the pain that these individuals are experiencing. If you are having trouble managing your pain, before asking for an increase in your dosage it may make sense to speak with a compounding pharmacist. These skilled professionals may be able to take the medication that you take and put into a form that your body can take in more effectively. If the medication is in a format that is more available to your body, then you may find that your pain levels are dramatically improved. 

Compound Medications for Children

In some cases, the flavor or taste of the medication itself can make it impossible for a child to take it without gagging. Flavoring the medication or putting it into a form that is more easily accessible for the child's body without them needing to be able to stomach the bitter taste can make the process much easier for them. 

Avoid Allergens 

Some people cannot be exposed to ingredients that are prevalent in many medications, such as colors, flavorings, and other artificial ingredients. If you or a member of your family is experiencing this, you may find that it's difficult to purchase over-the-counter medicine, prescription medicine, and more. Using a compounding pharmacy can help you avoid these specific ingredients, while still providing you with access to the medications that you badly need. This can make managing many health conditions simpler and provide you with many more options than you previously had. Individuals who struggle to treat their health conditions with the medications they have been given may find that a compounding pharmacy can help.

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