Common Head Lice Myths People Assume Are True

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Common Head Lice Myths People Assume Are True

12 March 2018
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Head lice can be an embarrassing problem for a person to develop. Despite this issue being a fairly common problem for people to experience, there is a tremendous amount of misinformation concerning this problem. Individuals that believe these pieces of misinformation may find that it is much more difficult for them to effectively combat this problem.

Myth: You Must Shave Off A Person's Hair To Rid Them Of Lice

There are some individuals that may be particularly worried or fearful of starting treatments for a lice problem due to the assumption that they will have to shave off their hair in order to combat this infestation. However, shaving a person's hair is unlikely to rid them completely of lice as the pests may simply return. A more effective solution for ridding yourself of these pests will be to use medicated shampoos. These shampoos will be able to neutralize the adult lice and tiny eggs that they may have laid.

Myth: Lice Are Only Attracted To Individuals With Poor Hygiene

Sadly, there can be an intense social stigma for those that are suffering from head lice. This stigma is largely due to the misconception that lice will only target individuals that have poor hygiene habits. However, this is not actually representative of the way that head lice spread. Rather, these pests spread when individuals come into contact with others that have active lice problems. In fact, head lice typically have a stronger preference for those with healthy and clean scalps.

Myth: Lice Will Always Cause Individuals To Have Very Itchy Scalps

One of the more common warning signs that a person is suffering from a lice problem will be that their scalp starts to itch excessively. This is due to h individual having an allergic reaction to the bites from the lice. While an extremely itchy and irritated scalp can be a common warning sign of having a lice problem, many individuals will not have a strong enough allergic reaction to these bites to trigger the painful itching. The best way to confirm the presence of lice will be to thoroughly inspect the scalp of the person that suspects they may have this problem. During the inspection, it is important to look for both adult lice along with the eggs that they may have laid. While it can be somewhat time-consuming to have another person thoroughly inspect your hair, this can be one of the best options for determining whether the patient has lice so that the suitable treatment can be used to address the problem.

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