How Do You Know It's Time For In-Home Senior Care?

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How Do You Know It's Time For In-Home Senior Care?

10 March 2018
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For a lot of elderly individuals, someone in their own family is in charge of making sure they are cared for. However, if you are an elderly individual who lives alone and you do not have family to rely on, it puts you in the position to make important decisions about your own care, which can be tough. It is hard to see for yourself when you should no longer be completely alone in your own home. Independent living is always ideal, but eventually, you probably will need some type of in-home care. Here's a look at some of the signs that should tell you that bringing in some assistance would be a wise decision. 

You have problems remembering to do important things for your health. 

Perhaps there are medications you are supposed to take, you are supposed to monitor your blood sugar, or you often forget to make and attend doctor's appointments. As you grow older, your memory can be in decline, and some really important things can be forgotten because of it. If you have caught yourself on more than one occasion forgetting something really important that puts your health in danger, it is a good sign you need in-home assistance. 

You can't seem to take care of your personal care needs on your own. 

If you have physical limitations, it can make it really hard, and sometimes even dangerous, to handle certain personal care actions on your own. For example, taking a shower may put you at risk of falling or maybe you have a hard time getting in and out of the bath. If you often skip bathing, changing clothes, or even brushing your hair because you are afraid for your own safety or it is too much of a challenge, in-home care is a must. You can have care specialists come in who specifically focus on helping you with things like bathing, grooming, and changing clothes every day.

Your doctor is telling you that you should not be living completely alone. 

Your physician will likely be able to recognize when you should not be living completely alone before you are willing to admit this to yourself. If your care providers start asking questions about your personal living situation, it is a good indicator that you should consider making some changes. Your physician can also help you determine what level of care would be for the best according to your physical condition. 

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