Preparing To Take The MCAT: Four Strategies To Use

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Preparing To Take The MCAT: Four Strategies To Use

9 March 2018
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Taking the MCAT can seem like an overwhelming obstacle that stands in the way of completing your education and starting your career in medicine. However, with the right test preparation, you can increase your odds of scoring well on this exam. Here are some strategies you can use as you prepare to sit for the MCAT exam.

Identify Your Weaknesses

You may have some strengths and weaknesses when it comes to subjects and study. By identifying your weaknesses first, you can better determine what you need to focus on when preparing for the MCAT. Review past exams and assessments from professors as well as your notes, and review a practice test guide to compile a list of things you want to zero in on during study. While you'll still need to prepare in all areas covered on the exam, pinpointing weaknesses will help optimize how you spend your prep time.

Hire A Tutor

Even for the most successful students, hiring a private MCAT tutor can be a valuable study resource. The tutor can not only help you with test content, but also with basic test strategies that can help you complete the exam in the allotted amount of time. When hiring a tutor, ask about previous tutoring experience as well as his or her score on the MCAT. This is important because you want to know that the person prepping you has successfully passed the exam as well.

Reorganize Notes

The notes you have taken in class follow a logical course progression, but that also means that it may be harder to find pertinent information you need to use when studying for the MCAT. Review your notes and reorganize them so the most important and most relevant information can be easily studied. Take this time to also look for gaps in the notes. For example, you may have missed a few days of a course and never got the required notes for those days. Partner with fellow students to fill in those gaps. Some students prefer to reorganize notes by writing them out to help retain knowledge, while others prefer to create document files that can be stored on a computer. Determine which option best helps you retain information and stay focused on your studies.

Purchase A Test Guide

An MCAT practice test guide can be your best friend while practicing for the exam. This guide will provide you with a basic idea of the topics you'll see on the exam as well as the different ways questions are posed. Review the guide and try to answer the test questions as best you can. Study one section at a time, and then go back to review it later to make sure you've gained a good understanding of the information covered in the section.

Passing the MCAT puts you on the path toward a successful career in medicine. Studying for it can be essential for getting a passing grade, so be sure you have enough time in your schedule devoted to testing and preparation.