Baby Not Acting Like Their Usual Happy Self? 4 Signs They May Be Battling An Ear Infection

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Baby Not Acting Like Their Usual Happy Self? 4 Signs They May Be Battling An Ear Infection

9 March 2018
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Ear infections can be downright painful. Unfortunately, when babies have ear infections, they can't always tell you about it, especially if they don't have a developed vocabulary yet. That's when it's up to you to identify the tell-tell signs that they're trying to show you. Babies will usually provide you with some type of non-verbal cue that they're dealing with an ear infection. Here are four signs that might indicate that your baby has an ear infection. If you notice any of them, it's time to get your baby to the doctor. Ear infections are never something that should be taken lightly.

Your Baby is Favoring One Side of Their Head

When babies have ear infections, the pressure inside their ears can make laying down painful. In fact, ear infections can make any type of contact on the affected side extremely painful. If your baby usually lays down without a struggle, but is fighting you every step of the way now, or is favoring one side of their head, it's a good indication that they have an ear infection.

Your Baby Acts Like They Don't Hear You

If your baby is usually quite attentive, but suddenly seems like they're ignoring you, their lack of attentiveness could be caused by an ear infection. The ear infection might actually be interfering with your babies hearing, which can happen in a severe infection. That's because the ear can fill with fluid, which will diminish your babies ability to hear the world around them. If your baby seems to be having trouble hearing, or appears to be ignoring you, it's time to see the doctor as soon as possible.

Your Baby is Falling Down More Often

When babies are learning to walk, they can be naturally unstable on their feet. However, ear infections can make their instability even more pronounced. The fluid that builds up in the ears not only affects your baby's ability to hear, it also affects their equilibrium and balance. As a result, you may notice that your baby falls over more often than usual, or appears to be off-balance. If this is the case, it's time to visit your doctor or urgent care center.

Your Baby has a Fever with No Other Sign of Illness

If your baby has been experiencing a low-grade fever, but isn't exhibiting any other signs of sickness, the fever may be caused by an ear infection. This is particularly true if your baby isn't teething, or hasn't had immunizations in the last day or two. Monitor your baby's fever. If it doesn't go away, or it begins to rise, you'll need to get your baby to the doctor or urgent care center immediately. 

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