Why Back Pain Is Problematic For A Baseball Player

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Why Back Pain Is Problematic For A Baseball Player

8 March 2018
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Baseball isn't a contact sport per se, but there are a number of ways that you can get banged up during the course of a season. For young players, injuries are a concern because they can keep you out of the starting lineup — and that can prevent a high school player from getting recruited by a college, or a college player from being scouted by a professional organization. If you're a baseball player and you notice back pain bothering you, it's imperative that you get help right away. If you fail to receive proper attention from a chiropractor or physical therapist, here are some ways that this ailment can affect you.

Loss Of Swing Power

When you're at the plate, you need to be able to swing will full power to drive the ball. With a back injury, however, you'll be unable to do so. Some back problems can affect your range of motion, which may make it difficult or highly painful to swing your bat. Other injuries can make it difficult to kick your lead leg and push off your back leg for power, which is a swinging mechanic that many players favor. You may find yourself swinging more slowly or gently in order to prevent the back pain from flaring up, which can hinder your productivity at the plate.

Missing Explosiveness While Running

Baseball players don't run for long stretches of time, which means that when they do need to run, it must be explosive. Nowhere is this truer than when you're running the bases. Whether you're trying to steal second base or attempting to score from first base on a routine single, you need to get a good jump — and that requires being explosive. Unfortunately, back pain can make it exceedingly difficult to accelerate quickly, as well as even run at your usual rate of speed.

Shortage Of Throwing Follow-Through

When baseball players throw the ball, their throwing arm follows through after releasing the ball. Doing so allows you to throw with power, giving your throw the speed and accuracy that it needs. Back pain can make it difficult to follow through in this manner, which may cause you to stop your arm prematurely. The result can be a ball that doesn't travel at its usual rate of speed out of your hand, or that fails to hit its mark. You can typically put such problems behind you with help from a chiropractor or physical therapist.

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