Refuting Myths About Severe Back Pain

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Refuting Myths About Severe Back Pain

8 March 2018
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If you have been unfortunate enough to experience chronic back pain, you will know firsthand about the disruptions and quality of life issues that this problem can create. DUe to the sizable issues that can arise due to this condition, it is important for patients to have accurate information regarding this condition.

Myth: Back Pain Is Always Caused By Issues With The Vertebrae

There is a frequent assumption that back pain can always be attributed to issues with the vertebrae in the spinal column. While issues with these bones will often lead to a range of painful symptoms, this is not the only type of issue that a patient's back may experience. It can be possible for the muscles that support the spine to experience issue that can lead to chronic pain, and this can also be caused by damage to the nerves. Due to the wide potential causes of back pain, patients may need to undergo a comprehensive evaluation to learn about the underlying cause of their back pain.

Myth: Surgery Will Be The Only Treatment For Correcting Chronic Back Pain

It is a common assumption of patients to think that surgery is the only way to address the type of injuries that their spine may have suffered. Yet, the treatment that will be most effective for the patient's condition can vary depending on the primary cause of the patient's back problems. Individuals that are suffering from minor back issues may be able to effectively combat this issue through the use of a back brace. If patients fail to seek treatment for their back problem soon after it forms, these treatments may no longer be an option, which can leave surgery as the only practical option.

Myth: Undergoing Spinal Surgery Will Always Require Months Of Recovery

When a patient discovers that they will need to undergo spine surgery, they may be worried about the costs of this service along with the recovery that they can expect from it. More precisely, patients will frequently assume that a recovery process that will take many months is what they should expect. However, it is often possible to perform these treatments as outpatient procedures. This can minimize the size of the incision that will be needed for the procedure, and this will help patients to resume their normal daily routine as quickly as is possible. In fact, some patients may be sufficiently healed after only a few days before they are able to start the hunting process over again.