Young Teachers Must Avoid The Dangers Of Airway Remodeling From Asthma

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Young Teachers Must Avoid The Dangers Of Airway Remodeling From Asthma

7 March 2018
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Starting a new career as a teacher can be a complex and difficult process for many young adults. This fact is particularly true if you suffer from a disease such as asthma. Taking care of this problem and preventing attacks is necessary to save your career from the dangers of airway remodeling.

Repeated Asthma Attacks Can Cause Airway Remodeling

Teachers who start developing asthma may begin suffering from asthma attacks throughout their day. For example, they may suddenly find themselves unable to speak during a lecture and have to get treatment for their attack right away. These repeated attacks are caused by the inflammation of the airway and the constriction of your muscles.

Repeated attacks like this are grave because they can actually cause a permanent narrowing of the airways, or remodeling. When this happens, you will suffer from other side effects and complications that can increase your professional difficulties as a teacher or even end your career.

Airway Remodeling Can Make Life Difficult For A Teacher

The symptoms of airway remodeling, such as chronic coughing, increased mucus production, and airway thickening, make it very difficult for a teacher to breathe easily. Even worse, it can cause them to suffer from increased asthma attack regularity and force them to retire early and go on disability.

For a young teacher who is just starting their career, this is a tragedy that can be avoided. Preventative measures must be taken to ensure that your asthma doesn't rob you of your dream of becoming a teacher.

Attack Prevention Can Help

Young teachers who are suffering from persistent asthma attacks need to take control of their treatment right away. Inhaled corticosteroids can minimize the severity and frequency of attacks and help prevent the development of airway remodeling. Other drugs, such as sodium cromoglycate, can help to prevent the inflammation that occurs in the airway during an asthma attack.

These early preventative measures are crucial for a young teacher because they can prevent dangerous attacks during the school day and keep them on their toes. Just as importantly, it can keep airway remodeling from occurring. Prevention is the best step here because treatment for airway remodeling is often limited in its success.

So if you are a teacher who is suffering from the early onset of asthma symptoms and are worried about the impact airway remodeling could have on your career, talk to a treatment specialist today. Professionals like those represented at can give you the specialized care that you need and deserve.