Ways To Cut Down On Your Coffee Intake To Lessen Your Risk Of Arthritis

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Ways To Cut Down On Your Coffee Intake To Lessen Your Risk Of Arthritis

7 March 2018
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Many adult Americans reach for a cup of coffee in the morning and may continue to drink this beverage on and off throughout the day. For many people, the caffeine that is found in coffee can be a valuable source of energy to aid in getting through the day, however, coffee can do more than kickstart your morning. Unfortunately, coffee also has some health risks — and one big issue is that drinking it regularly can boost your likelihood of getting arthritis. To lessen the risk of living with this painful condition, you may wish to cut down on your coffee intake. Here are some different ways to do so.

Find Another Hot Beverage

People often favor coffee not only for its caffeine, but also because its heat can be comforting in the morning — especially when the weather is cool. It can be difficult to cut down on your coffee intake if you're chilly, so look for another hot beverage that you can enjoy. Tea, for example, is not only just another warm beverage, but can actually be beneficial for lowering inflammation in your body. This is exactly what you want if you're concerned about inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. If you aren't a fan of tea, something as simple as hot water with a slice of lemon can be appealing.

Lower Your Need For Energy

It's understandable to reach for a cup of coffee when you're short on energy. However, instead of needing this pick-me-up, look for reasons that you're low on energy and attempt to correct them. For example, if you're always tired in the morning, think about getting to bed an hour earlier each night. You may feel that this simple change can be enough to give you more energy, and thus reduce your reliance on coffee. Exercising regularly and eating healthy meals can also keep you feeling energized and prevent the sluggish feeling that can compel you to drink coffee.

Save Your Coffee Money

Sometimes, you'll feel really compelled to stop and buy a coffee from your local coffee shop. One way to fight this urge is to take the money that you'd spend and set it aside. Each time you avoid buying a coffee, save the money, and you'll soon have a decent amount. Pledge to spend the money on something enjoyable (and, ideally, healthy) that you wouldn't otherwise do. Anticipating this purchase can strongly compel you to skip the urge to have a coffee.

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