3 Important Steps For Women Struggling With PGAD

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3 Important Steps For Women Struggling With PGAD

7 March 2018
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PGAD (persistent genital arousal disorder) is a serious condition characterized by arousal without any type of sexual trigger or stimulation. It can be a difficult condition to deal with as a woman, but there is hope when you take these measures. 

Avoid Sex

When you have a PGAD flareup, you should avoid any type of sexual activity. That's because this type of activity could make your symptoms worse and also cause them to last much longer than they have to. 

If the flare is severe, then it may be wise to abstain from sex for up to a couple of months. Let your partner or spouse know your plans of reaming abstinent during this time, and you may even want to mark your calendar. This way, you can keep track of your flareups. Once these become infrequent and stop completely, having sex will be less risky for your physical well being.

Don't Sit for Long Stretches 

Faced with PGAD, it's not a good idea to sit for long stretches at a time. The act of sitting often is a trigger for women dealing with PGAD, and it leaves them with painful flareups. It may be hard getting used to not sitting throughout the day, but there are some tips that can help you out.

You could, for example, set reminders in your phone that notify you to stand up after several minutes. Or if you work at a desk, you can choose a standing model that forces you to stand while you work. If you do have to sit, try to find a soft surface. Harder surfaces tend to exacerbate PGAD symptoms in a lot of women.

Try to Relax 

It's rather common to experience stress throughout the day, whether it's in your professional or personal life. However, excessive amounts of stress often causes the pelvic region to tighten and make these muscles more tense. Having PGAD, this extra tension will cause you further amounts of pain.

That's why you need to relax as much as you can throughout the day. If you feel stress accumulating, try taking deep breathes. Meditation may even be in order to help you find a tranquil state. Soothing music and certain aromas can also help you alleviate stress quickly.

Just because you have PGAD, doesn't mean you can't live a normal and healthy life. You just have to adjust your lifestyle and avoid triggers that make your PGAD symptoms worse.