How To Keep Your Spine Healthy.

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How To Keep Your Spine Healthy.

27 February 2018
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Back pain is a serious issue that impacts millions of Americans and costs millions of dollars of lost productivity every year.  Even further, it leads to depression and unhappiness, as constant pain impacts the daily life of the sufferer.  While NSAIDs, manipulation and even surgery can improve the pain associated with spinal conditions, they are not always successful, can be expensive, and can have unpleasant side effects.   Keeping your spine healthy in the first place is almost certainly a better idea.  Here are two suggestions to help you keep your back and spine pain-free.

Beware of Sitting

Relatively recently, it has come to light just how bad sitting is for the spine. Long periods of sitting, no matter how comfortable the chair, can easily create or worsen back problems.  Even worse than just sitting is sitting in the wrong position, like slouching and leaning forward to gaze into a monitor.  When sitting, good posture is critical.  This can be difficult or nearly impossible without the right ergonomics of the desk setup, so it's important to pay attention to how the chair, desk and monitor positioning interact to support or impede healthy posture.  Look for ergonomic accessories like wrist wrests, lumbar support and monitor stands to make sitting and working less stressful on the spine.  They are usually a small price to pay for a healthy back.  Even with perfect posture, though, sitting takes a toll.  You should generally get up and stretch every 30 minutes or so, even a quick break helps, but a short walk does even more.  Even better, if possible, make regular motion and standing a regular part of the day.  A standing desk or even pacing while on the phone can be a good way to add movement to your day.

Sleep Well

An average person spends about a third of their life asleep and this time has a predictably large impact on spinal health.  A person who is sleeping on an unsupportive mattress or in a bad sleeping position is robbing their back of the chance to relax and heal during the night. The specific choice of mattress and bedding is based on personal preference, sleeping position and what back problems already exist.  Finding the right combination can take some time, but has a huge payoff.  Support in the common sleeping positions is critical to both a good nights sleep and reducing or avoiding the pain from back problems.

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